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Commercial and Industrial Safety

JHB Safety Consultants (Pty) Ltd will develop a health and safety system for commercial and industrial industries in which employees are encouraged to participate, simultaneously ensuring full compliance in the provision of a safe working environment.  This entails comprehensive legal audits, Hazard Identification Risk Analysis (HIRA), accident investigation and reporting leading to a fully comprehensive health and safety system for your workplace.

This includes, but are not limited to:

  • - The all important “first inspection”
  • - Comprehensive legal audits
  • - Full risk assessment audits
  • - Fire risk assessment audits
  • - Hazard Identification Risk Analysis (HIRA)
  • - Emergency procedures and evacuation plans
  • - Routine health and safety inspections
  • - Assistance with legal appointments
  • - Establishing a Health and Safety committee
  • - On-site management of the system
  • - Monthly meetings to ensure compliance
  • - Accident/incident investigation and reporting


Undertake commercial and industrial inspections which result in a comprehensive photo report highlighting the findings.

Construction Safety

In providing health and safety services to the construction industry we begin with adherence to statutory requirements such as safety documentation, conduct risk assessments, create fall protection plans and then go further, uplifting the knowledge and skills of workers so as to minimise incidents and accidents on sites.  Regular inspections are conducted and site-specific interventions implemented.  Manage contractors to ensure a sustainable reduction in liability.

Contractor Management

Ensuring that all statutory requirements are in place in order for the contractor to be legally compliant in terms of the OHS Act and relevant Regulations.  This include all legal requirements and documentation such as:

  • - Legal appointments
  • - Risk assessments
  • - Fall protection plans
  • - Health and safety specifications.

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